Food that makes you younger up to  4 to 7 year more

Food that makes you younger up to  4 to 7 year more
14 Oct

Food that makes you younger up to  4 to 7 year more.

Today we will discuss food that makes younger.


Avacado has many is resources of vitamin K, vitamin E, Vitamin c, Vitamin B5 & Vitamin B6 and also have potassium and fiber sources.Avacado controls your Blood Pressure, Cholesterol level and makes you healthier. Avocado is a powerful anti-oxidant. It also protects you from Cancer. Avocado also useful for losing weight.


Olive oil has anti-aging property. its make your bone strength and makes your skin healthy. It is a rich resource of fatty acid. It makes your heart healthy .you can use it for fine-lines and wrinkles.


Tomato is a resource of vitamin c and vitamin A and folic has lycopene that protects your skin from UV make your skin lighter and brighter. It also improves your lowers your hypertension. It’s  also used for controlling diabetes.


Leman is a rich source of Vitamin C and citric acid.It also contains Calcium potassium and Vitamin B-Complex. Leman is helping to reduce the cholesterol and uric acid from the is a good food that makes you younger.


Turmeric has powerful medicinal properties and also contains Bioactive compounds.Turmeric also increases the Antioxidant capacity of the gives relief from Arthritic pain .it also protect you from improves your digestion and also protects your Brain.


Berries make you mentally sharp.It helps you to manage Diabetes.It also boosts your heart health.Berries used for control your weight and also control your low blood pressure .Berries also prevent you from  Cancer.



Carrot saves you from heart diseases. It controls your cholesterol level.Carrot boosts your immunity system.It controls your high blood pressure and improves your eyesight also.Carrot maintains your digestive system.Carrot also used to prevent you from cancer and stroke.This food makes younger to you.



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