“Tejas Network L3 Switch configuration Step By Step”

“Tejas Network L3 Switch configuration Step By Step”
26 Sep

Tejas Network L3 Switch configuration Step By Step


Today we are started Tejas Network L3 Switch configuration step by step. With the help of article, you can configure Tejas L3 switch.First of all
Accessing the Tejas Layer 3 Switch Using CLI Mode.
The default values of the Switch are listed in the table below…

  • IP Address -
  • Subnet Mask-
  • User Name-Admin
  • Password
  • Enable the switch-enabled


1. Connect one end of RJ 45 cable to NMS port of L3 (Back Side) and another end of the cable to Laptop.
2. Run the putty with IP is: /- & port number 23.
3. You shall get the authentication dialog box………




Click open then you shall get the following screen…………



VLAN database
This command gives you access to the VLAN Configuration mode, which allows you to configure VLAN characteristics.

Format: VLAN database




This command creates a new VLAN and assigns it an ID. The ID is a valid VLAN identification number

Format: VLAN <2-4093>

Mode: VLAN Configuration


VLAN routing

This command creates routing on a VLAN. The <vlanid> value has a range from 1 to 4094.

Format: vlan routing <vlanid> [interface ID]



Similarly, enable the routing for all VLANs that you made in the VLAN database………….






This command enables IPv4 routing for an interface. You can view the current value for this function with the show IP brief command. The value is labeled as ―Routing Mode.‖

Default: disabled

Format: routing

Mode: Interface Configuration




IP Routing

This command enables the IP Router Admin Mode for the master switch.

Format: IP routing

Mode: Global Configuration



Router rip (Routing Information Protocol)

Use this command to enter Router RIP mode.

Format: router rip

Mode: Global Configuration




No enable (RIP)

This command sets the administrative mode of RIP in the router to inactive.

Format: no enable

Mode: Router RIP Configuration



These are the step by step Tejas network switch configuration. With the help of these steps, you can configure Tejas L3 Switch also you can configure another L3 network switch.


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